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Lockhart Rugby League Club History .. Part 1


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1924. 8

1925. 11

1928. 15

1936. 16

1937. 18

1938. 23

1939. 24

1940. 25

1940. 27

1942. 29

1946. 31

Lockhart Wins Rugby Minor Premiership. 34

1947 Lockhart wins the Premiership. 41

1948. 43

Final 1948. 46

Grand Final 1948. 49

Lockhart Wins Aussie Rules Premiership 1948. 55

1949. 59

1951. 68

1951 Lockhart changes Colours. 73

1952. 75

Reviewing Rugby League in Lockhart 80

1953. 82

1954. 86






Lockhart Rugby League Club

Resumed 1969


Premiers 1947

Minor Premiers 1948

Finalists Preseason Knock Out 1969

Reserve Grade Premiers 1970

Grand Finalist 1946, 1948, 1971


Lockhart Bulldogs  but were the Maroons in the very early years.



Mr J M Wyllie. 1925  Jim Johnston, J. Bottrell … W. Dowdle  .. Norm Geaghan 1970 – 73, B O’Hagan 1974, Viv Elliott 1975 …



Mr George Gooden 1925    Mr H M Davis 1928

Ray Harris 1969       Dr Gordon Saggers 1971

Graham Gooden 1973 – 76          Peter Bennett                    John Schirmer 1977








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Lockhart Showground Stand   Lockhart Showground Gates 2


Lockhart NSW


?? Angove

?? Bruce 1947

?? Flemming 1937

?? Hodges (C) 1924

?? Morse 1937

?? Westblade 1947

A Bishop 1978

A Bourke

A Burkinshaw 1974, 75

A H Croucher

A Harpley

A Maiden (Sec 1948)

A Muir 1971

A Turner

Alan Bocking 1975

Andy Cottam 1975

B Broomfield 1974

B Dowdle 1947

B Garratt 1947

B Goldspink

B James 1974

B Linsell

B McMillan 1974

B Quinn 1974

Barry Case 1974, 75

Barry McColl 1978

Barry O’Hagan 74, 75

Barry Wilson

Bernie Cattell 1975, 78

Bill Silvester 69, 70, 71

Billy Lane

Bob Blakemore

Bob Elliott 1975

Brian Anderson 1974, 75

Brian Gleeson

C (Tate) Smith 1974

C Bamblett 1974, 75, 78

C Biddle

C Bottrell 1947

C Hewson 1974

C Lambert 1925

C R Doyle

Charlie Smith

Chris Kelly 1978

Col Carrington

Colin Clarke 70, 71

D Castles 1974

D Charter 1974

D Goodwin

D Sinclair

Dallas Gooden 1974

Dan Withers

Danny Cassals

David Anderson

David Nimmo

Don Folley 1947

Doug Elliott 1975

Doug West 1975

E Dutton 1947

E Farwell

E Grey 1937

Eddie Hackett

F (V) Eather 1947

G Biddle


F Belling 1947

F Ziebel 1947

G Browne 1974

G Harpley

G Hunt

Graham Gooden

Graham Watkins 1974, 75

Harold Hodgson 1925 (C)

I Hilton 1974

Ian McCooke 71

Ian Shirmer

J Baker 1974

J Biscaya 1947

J Bush

J Howarth 1978

J Kearney 1925

J Leischke

J Lucton 1974

J McCullom

J Pane 1974

J Schneider 1947

J Turner 1947

J White 1978

J. Dowdle 1937

J. Hampton 1978

Jim Johnston 1947

Jim Shadlow

John Bladen (dec) 1970

John Crawford 1975

John Hahn 1969, 70

John Hetherington

John McDonald

John Shirmer 69 – 75 ..

John Sommerville 1969

K Bockine 1974

K Drummond 1925

K Gilchrist

K Oliver 1947

Kahu Muhunha

Keith Smallwood 1974

Keith Wilson

Ken Lawson

Kevin Carter

Kevin Hawke

Laurie Hamilton

Lionel Shinn 1974, 75, 78

M Davis

M Doherty 1974

M Doughty

M Elphlex 1974

M English 1978

M Hanlin 1974

Merv Gumbleton

N Hughes 1925

N Little

Neil Gooden 1974, 75

G Shaw

G White

Garry Shoemark 1974, 75

Gavin Cox

Geoff Brain

Geoff Cox 1975

Geoff Shirmer

Graham ‘Hoota’ Johnston


Gordon McCormack

Graeme Folley

Norm Geaghan 70 – 78 (dec)

P Cobb

P Francis 1978

P Gooden 1925

P Napper 1971

Pat Gooden 1974, 75, 78

Paul ‘Smokey’ Dawson

Paul Egan

Peter Bennet 71 - 74

Peter Biscaya

Peter Coombes 1975

Peter Dolan

Peter Martin

Peter Routley

Peter Weber 69 70 (dec)

R Hansacker 78

R Hudson 1925

R Hunt 1978

R Richards 1925

R Small

R Smyth 1947

R Williams 78

Ray Blythman 1974, 75

Ray Fuller 1975

Ray Harris

Reg Gleeson

Reg Hodgson 1925

Robbie Smith

Rod McCabe

Ron Hodgson 1925

Ron Wiggins 1947

Roy Bourke

Russell Ghiggioli

S O’Brien

S Sanders 1974

S Stephens 1974

Shane Trotter

Steve Hogan 1974, 75

Steve Johnston

Steve Martin 1975, 78

T Castles

T Castles 1974

T Dutton

T Neason 1978

Tate Smith

Tim ‘Spook’ Cassals

Tip Carter

Toby Burt

Tony St Claire 1970

V Parker 1974

Viv Elliott 1975

W Carswell 1974

W Geale 1974

W Hamilton

W Hartwig 1947

W Hull 1974

W McKenna 1925

W Pugh 1925

W Raufers

W Shaw



NB: The years are VERY incomplete!!




 Lockhart RL 1925 1  Lockhart RL 1925 2

 Lockhart RL 1924  Lockhart RL 1924 2 


Lockhart RL 1924 3   


Lockhart RL 1924 4   Lockhart RL 1924 5 


Lockhart RL 1924 6  Lockhart RL 1924 7


Lockhart RL 1924 8  Lockhart RL 1924 9



Lockhart Grandstand and Dressing sheds
Lockhart Showground Grand Stand and Dressing Sheds



   Lolckhart 1925 Meeting


Lockhart 17 (Tries: Richards 2, Kearney 1. Conversions: Hughes 1, Pugh 2. Penalties: R Hudson 1)


 Lockhart RL 1925 April 10

Lockhart 1925 Officials

Patron: Mr J W Gray

President: Mr George Gooden

Vice Presidents: Messsrs. J M Wyllie, G K Allen, J J Nolan, C W Weir, T Bond, P W McCarthy, E Maher, J J Hodgson, W G Campbell, J Gooden, H Campbell, T C McDonald, T Kiely, J P McDonald, A C Cowin, W McClure, A B Chapman, A E Browning, R S Drummond, H Goddard, and W Chapman.

Secretary: Mr H W Hodgson.

Assistant Secretary: Mr A  H Croucher.

Coach: Mr J M Wyllie.

Touch Line Judge: Mr C McDonald.

General Committee: Messrs. J M Wyllie, A E Browning, H George, H Goddard, and R Williams.




Lockhart RL 1925 Meeting


Lockhart RL 1925 5   Lockhart RL 1925 4



Lockhart RL 1925 5  Lockhart RL 1925 5


Lockhart RL 1925 5  Lockhart RL 1925 5




Lockhart RL 1928   





Lockhart RL 1936 14 May



Tarcutta and Tumbarumba lead in the Group 18 competition. Holbrook are only two points behind the leaders with only two matches played. The performance of Tumbarumba is interesting, as they have scored 84 points to only 10 scored against them. Their line has not yet been crossed. The points are: —

P        W       L        Bye    Pts

Tarcutta ....   3        3        0        0        6

Tumbarumha           3        3        0        0        6

Holbrook       2        2        0        1        4

Magpies ....   3        2        1        0        4

Waratahs ... 2        1        1        1        2

Batlow ....     3        1        2        0        2

Henty            2        0        2        1        0

Albury ....      3        0        3        0        0

Lockhart .. .. 3        0        3        0        0


1936 Lockhart v Magpies



Lockhart RL 1937 May 27




Lockhart Fail in Cup Match ALBURY 22, LOCKHART 18

In a match for the Creasey Challenge Cup, at Albury on Sunday, Albury defeated Lockhart by nine points. Lockhart had not played a match for seven weeks, but showed good form. Albury led 6 to 3 at half-time, and in the second half Lockhart went in front, 13 to 11. The Blues then scored three tries, one converted, and won easily. Scorers. — Albury: Tries, Bulman 2, Kirk, Clegg, Campbell, Olson; goals, Knowles and Keyes. Lockhart: Tries, Flemming 2, J. Dowdle; goals, Morse 2.


Group 13 1937


Group 13 1937 2

Group 13 1937 3


1938 Lockhart v Henty


1939 Group 13 Draw 1939 Group 13 Lockhart v Holbrook









The Group 13 competition is to start on April 28, when six teams; will compete in both the Northern and Southern Zones. Last season eight teams competed in the Northern Zone, but absentees this year will be Tumut and Gundagai. Tumbarumba Reserves have dropped out of the Southern Zone and their place has been taken by the newly formed Morven club. Three rounds will be played in each zone. ? The draw for April 28 is as follows:


Northern Zone

Wagga Magpies v Junee at Wagga Wagga Waratahs v Borambola-Tarcutta, at Tarcutta. Tumbarumba v Batlow, at Tumbarumba.

Southern Zone

Morven v The Rock, at Morven. Albury v Holbrook, at Albury. Lockhart v Henty, at Lockhart.





1940 G13 Tumba def Lockhart




1942 Lockhart v Wagga RL





Rugby League

Group 13 Draw For Southern Zone

The following is the draw for the southern zone of the Group 13Rugby League competition:


April 28: Albury Wanderers v Morven -Culcairn; Lockhart v Holbrook; Henty v Albury.

May 5: Holbrook v Albury Wanderers; Morven-Culcairn v Henty; Albury v Lockhart. I

May 12: Lockhart v Henty; Holbrook v Morven-Culcairn; Albury v Albury Wanderers.

May 19: Albury Wanderers v Lockhart; Henty v Holbrook; Morven-Culcairn v Albury. May 26: Albury v Holbrook ; Henty v Albury Wanderers; Lockhart v Morven-Culcairn.

Matches on ground of first-named club.

SECOND ROUND The draw Is the same in the second round when matches will be played on the ground of the last mentioned club.


Lockhart v Holbrook 4  Lockhart v Holbrook 4


Lockhart v Holbrook 4

Group  13 1946 3




Lockhart Wins Rugby Minor Premiership

By defeating the Albury Wanderers, at Lockhart, at the week-end, the Lockhart team won the Southern Zone (Group 13) minor premiership by 21 points to 12.The game was a most interesting one- throughout, fast, open footballVlfkino* htr KnfVi cirloc o«/1

although Lockhart led 11 to nil at half-time, the visitors certainly putit to the locals str -ngly in the second half. The scorers were: Lockhart, Gar?att (2), Westblade, Bottrell and Bruce, tries; B. Dowdle and Bottrell (2) goals. Wanderers, Vesper and Passant, tries; Collins 3 goals. , In the early match, Albury Kiwis(2) defeated Lockhart (nil).


Lockhart Premiership 1946


1946 G13 Lockhaert Premiers


Group 13 1946 1

Group 13 1946 2

1946 Lockhart  Minor Premiers


Tumba v Lockhart 1946


1947 Lockhart wins the Premiership


Lockhart won the 1947 Premiership 2 – 0 against Tumbarumba.

After losing the GF the previous season 5 – 0 to Tumba.


GF 1947 Tumba v Lockhart 6


RK GF 1947 Lockhart v Tumba 2 V Eather the five-eighth of the Group 13 team ..

Lockhart V Tumba Sept 6 1947


Jim Johnston Sept 26 1947




Lockhart were Minor Premiers in 1984 before losing the Final to Albury Roos. They were able to challenge, but also lost the Grand Final to Roos the following week.


Lockhart RL July 9 1948



1948 - Lockhart: B Garrett, W Hartwig, C Bottrell, D Folley, J Biscaya, B Dowdle, K Oliver, R Wiggins, F Belling, R Smyth, J Johnston, F Ziebell, E Dutton.



Lockhart Runners Up Southern Zone 1947

Minor Premiers losing to Albury Roos in the GF 1948.

Back: F Ziebel, W Hamilton, F Belling, P Gooden, J Johnston, B Dowdle.

Centre: T Dutton, R Wiggins, W Hartwig, R Small.

Front: A Turner, C Bottrell, J Biscaya.


Jim Johnston had played first grade North Sydney at 16 and came to Lockhart as a paid played. He stayed and started a Trucking business. He stayed and was still running the business in 1969 and his two sons played in 1971. The younger brother Hoota was only 16 raw-boned, tough and brilliant. He left to go to Sydney the next year.


Ron Wiggins had played second row first grade for South Sydney and was also a paid player. He stayed and was managing the RSL club in 1969. It was at the RSL where the young bankies, schoolies (there were 8 or 9 one teacher schools in the district at that time) etc, and a young future Acting Prime Minister of Australia – Tim Fischer, would meet on Friday afternoons to socialise.


Col Bottrell became a first grade referee in the late 60’s.


In 1970 he refereed us against Holbrook at Holbrook in the mud, and they knew he had been a Lockhart player and the abuse was loud. We led early and hung on. In that year no matter who made the mistake the halfback in the defending half of the ground had to feed the ball. Every time I fed the scrum and won, Col would penalise me!!!

 For the last 20 minutes I was feeding the ball into their side of the scrum and we’d defend stoutly. It could even have been in the 4 tackle rule years. Towards the end Norm Geaghan picked up a loose ball, made a break and coming to their fullback fed it to me backing up. I ran 60 metres to cross the line. As I got there I tried to move the ball from under my arm and into my hands. In doing so it squeezed out as I dived over the line. No Try! Well did Norm give me some ‘curry’.

We won narrowly, but Norm was still not happy.


Lockhart before Colour change  .. Before Changing Colours .. year ??



 24 Aug 1948 Lockhart train to Albury



Final 1948

Roos 19 Lockhart 12

Lockhart GF 1948 1

Lockhart GF 1948 2

Lockhart GF 1948 3  Lockhart GF 1948 4

Lockhart GF 1948 5  Lockhart GF 1948 6

Lockhart GF 1948 7  Lockhart GF 1948 8




Grand Final 1948

Roos 9 Lockhart 8


Lockhart RL 1948 Aug 31







Won By the 'Roos After a Great Game

Albury Roos withstood Lockhart's challenge in the Grand Final of the Southern Zone of Group 13 Competition, when they were victorious by 9 points to 8. Roos also became the initial holders of a shield, presented by Radio Station 2AY.

Lockhart's congratulations go to f, the members of the winning .team 'for their greatly improved standard of play and, above all, for their sportsmanship, both on and off the' field. The gate takings were about £180,. which is considered a record fori Rugby in Albury. Patrons certainly had their money's worth, as the game was packed with thrills from beginning to end. During the first half, Albury showed superiority, and ran up a handy lead of 9 points to nil. It was just as well that this lead was gained, because Lockhart put everything into it during that hectic second half and according to many, was unfortunate not to take the lead. It was only accurate kicking and deadly tackling that enabled Roos to withstand that devastating Maroon onslaught that characterised .those forty minutes which was called the sec? ond half. Referee Batkin controlled the game well and it was noticed that. instead of playing the advantage rule he pulled, up the game immediately for any infringement. T. O'Shaughnessy was again an outstanding player. As well as scoring a fine individual try, he paved the way for many fine passing movemenits. He was ably supported byhis backs and received good service from the base of the scrum from? half-back Phemister. For Lockhart, Johnstone and Wiggins were superb. Dowdle and Biscaya did grand work .in both defence and attack. Turner, as rake, and Bottrell, at half -forward, showed to advantage. Lockhart won the toss, and Roos' kicked off. T. O'Shaughnessy started a good, back line movement, then? doubled round: .to make the extra' man, 'but was pushed 'out . yards fromthe line. v ' iJ. Shaumont ? picked up a loose iball and dived over for a try, which)Nagle failed to convert. Albury led iby 3 points to nil. !Penalties were frequent at this istage, mainly for off-side play. Wig- jgins and Nagle both had': unsuccess- jful shots at goal. y i? 1 ' T. O'Shaughnessy, in a fine swerving run, outclassed the -opposition, |and scored: a brilliant try, which was not converted t but Albury had a handy lead^of 6 to nil. Injuries were frequent, especially to Lockhart players. Johnstone was forced to leave the field- for a few minutes. Roos were nearly over after a good passing movement. B. O'Shaugh' nessy was over the line, but could not ground the ball. Gooden was injured in making the fine tackle that prevented the try. Lockhart was in for a hectic few minutes. Four or five attempts to force theline were frustrated by a wall ofred guernseys. At last Hodgson made an extra effort- and crashed w his way over for a try. Nagle's kick again failed. The scoreboard now read Roos 9, Lockhart 0.For the remainder of the first half? the game was very hard and even. Johnstone and Dutton both saved- with good kicks. B. 'O'Shaughnessy( broke through well, but knocked o*i.Albury won the majority of the scrums during this session. On resuming after the .interval,? Lockhart was like a new team. Theygave the impression of 'now or;? never', and every man was deter; ? mined' to overtake those nine points.5: Dowdle gained by a good line kick. W.iggins 'put in' a good run, about as if it was a hot brick.. and everyone was throwing the ball Lockhart stormed Albury's line, but could not break through. Dow. die and Hamilton were applauded for good line kicks. ?r At last the chance came. John? stone quickly followed on one of the. penalty kicks, caught the ball, threw it to Dowdle, who ran hard

before giving to Biscaya to race overf or a try. Albury 9, Lockhart 3.Johnstone and Wiggins at this time were in everything. Biscaya made another flying run down the line, but was forced out in the corner. Hamilton, who was substituting for Garratt in the full back position, made some good runs before kicking. Lockhart was again on Albury's line. Wiggins dived at a passed ball and was over in a flash. Bottrell made no mistake .in converting. The score was now 9 to 8 in Albury's favour. The crowd was on its toes for the remaining few minutes of the game. Albury was awarded a penalty. AsNagle placed the ball the final bell rang and Roos' skipper thought it wiser not to try the goal, but kicked the ball out of touch. Well, Lockhart, you could not quite make it this year, but remember you played delightful football throughout the season and your record showed that you were unfortunate to be beaten by even such an improved team as Albury Roos.

NOTES ON THE GAME (By 'Tit Bits')Latest communique just to handis, 'Mothballs, the order of the- day'for all rugbyites,' and as from nowall restrictions are lifted. So, you'red devils,' go for your lives. Youdid a fine job- — beaten but not disgraced. If ever a team went downt fighting,- Lockhart did. My con! gratulations, lads, on your splendid^performances during the '48 season.Before commencing this , week'Tit Bits' would like to say thathe did not write these little pars, tomake personal enemies. He did itto try and create interest amongstthe players and supporters of ourclub. I hope you have enjoyed them.I know the readers have not hadthe worrying moments I have had incompiling them.It would be hard indeed to pickany one player from Lockhart'steam as being superior to his teammates in Sunday's match, but Iwould like to give special mentionto the junior players, Peter Goodenand Jack Biscaya. They gave alli they had to bring success to theI team. IvTuch -will be heard of these -| boys in Rugby League. 1I 'Poppa' Wiggins, as captain .ini Garratt's absence, did a really goodI job. His leadership left little to bedesired and his try' was really a gem.'Bumper' Johnstone gave yeomani service when moved to five-eighth,and was an inspiration to the team.Ray Smith, was in the ? thick ? ofthings all day. Whenever he gotI that ball he made it awkward forthe opposition. , ?'Nigger' Dowdle did many, .finethings; was always dangerous in attack and solid in defence.Belling, Ziebell, Hartwig, Turner ,(when moved to rake); Bottrell(when placed at half), all did a goodjob, as did Ted Dutton.Bob Hamilton, who replaced Rossas the custodian, did all right. Hisjob was a responsible one, but Imust say he handled it quite capably. 'Three who played very hard gamesfrom the sideline were the casualties, Garratt, Folley and Schneider.'Hard luck, boys, but your 'step-ins'did not show any weaknesses.So, its au revoir till 1949, when Ihope to see most of you in actionagain. ? .At the conclusion of the. match,players and officials of the LockhartClub 'were royally entertained to abanquet at the South Albury Hallby the members of the Roos Club.This gesture was appreciated greatlyoy the vanquished. J



Lockhart Wins Aussie Rules Premiership 1948


Lockhart AFL 1948 1


Lockhart AFL 1948 2

Lockhart AFL 1948 3

Lockhart AFL 1948 4

Lockhart AFL 1948 5

Lockhart AFL 1948 6




Lockhart RL 1949 Aug 2











Lockhart was much superior to Henty on Sunday, when it registered a win by 8 points to nil. The Maroons now have a very good chance of entering the final four. It all depends on next week's matches. To be sure, Lockhart must defeat the Roos. This will be a difficult but not by any means an impossible task.

On Sunday patrons , were treated to the worst exhibition of Rugby that has been seen on this ground or a couple of years. There was too much loose play, bad handling, weak high tackling and poor team work by' both sides. Henty players were the worst offenders, but Lockhart was not blameless. Bad passes and flat-footed running will never b e match winners, and we hope tha t this exhibition was only a temporary l apse. Referee Hedditch handled a very awkward game with tact. ,'? The first try came early in the match, when Wiggins picked up a loose ball, made some ground, and sent a pass on to Ziebell, for the latter to score. The game was very scrambly; Henty had the monopoly of the scrums and penalties were too frequent. Lockhart decided to brighten play with a good passing movement. Hamilton fielded a ball, ran for an

opening, and with a fine' weaving run *beat six or seven players before he went over the line to score a good try. The kick at goal failed, and Lockhart led by six points to nil. There was still too much uninterresting loose play. Henty forwards then stormed Lockhart's line, but the defence held and no try resulted. Pertzel at full back, fielded the ball very well, and gained ground with several good line kicks. During the remainder of the first half the play descended to about third grade standard.? After resumption. the game 'brightened up slightly. Gooden and Smith made several good runs. Button, with a good kick, just failed to. raise the flags from an attempted penalty goal.? Ziebell, Smith and Gooden figured in a good movement, which ended when the last named crashed overthe corner post, but was unlucky not to score. Wiggins, Hamilton and Gooden made another good passing rush, but Gooden's in-pass from the wing went astray.; Wiggins, from a penalty, landed a, good goal to extend the scores to 8to nil in Lockhart's favour. From here on the game developed into a poor ' scramble, and nobody was sorry when the final bell sounded. .Gooden and Hamilton were perhaps the best of the backs. Gooden's return to form was very pleasing .Hamilton was very sound, both iir attack and defence. ; -In the forwards, Wiggins played a good thoughtful game, and was ably supported by Ziebell. Belling passed the ball nicely from the 'dummy-half' position.

The last competition match will be played against Albury Roos atAlbury next Sunday. Everyone is hoping for the usual good game between these old rivals, arid LockhartI is anxious to give Roos their first defeat. v' ' NOTES' ON THE GAME .j (By 'Tit Bits') ?

Rugby League at its worst would aptly ? describe the game at the Recreation Ground on Sunday. Henty came here probably with a set mind,and the do or die attitude. Well, they, didn't do, and they died — did noteven win the fight!* * * * *What was wrong with Lockhart? They can play fast, open football,and have not got to adopt , a styledesigfined by their opponents. Theyheld their own in ruggedriess as they always do', but if the game had been'opened- up and the bail, thrown about the score would have been 30to nil. . ?.. ? ;? .*- * * «Bob ' Hamilton was as good as any for ' Lockhart. - Strong, determined running, and1 backing .up- were features of -his. play on Sunday. ? Scored a |nice try also.. - ? ? - ? . I'Dooley'': Ziebell: was in- the thickof things all ; day.'-. His game - was alli iright. ( .-Jack Misson was at a- disadvant. age; ; when -he ,got the' ball 'he was. pulled, up; or :had to pick kick it off'his i toes. The service from the ii scrums 'on ^ Sunday was atrocious.I Jack -will score . tries, or : makei them) if her gets half a chance. 'Poppa' Wiggins played his usual game. 'Poppa' is consistent, : and .his captaincy, cannot , be faulted. We -tknow . we have three; kickers . now, Bob.» ' ' ' \ * » \* * ?J ' '''Bushy'.' must 'be resting on his laurels after a .good, game against Holbrook. His display on ; Sunday was so so. . i,***«.* .r Roily Pattenv and 'Boomps' . Bell-,ing played hard games.; Ted . Dutton has lost his brilliance, but h's de:fence was, sound. K. Tremble 1 played a solid game. J. ... ,* ' 1' I Jack Moroney should improve with a game or two. -

Peter Gooden's game ;was a de^'cided improvement ' on anything hehas shown this year.? * * * «'Smithy' received a few hard knocks, but came up smiling and infront at the reckoning, I would say.* * * * 9'Cobber' Prest has a lot to .learn.If the would-be coaches left him toCoach Nethery and the skipper,. 'Cobber' would probably make thegrade. , .\ ? * * ** ; M ' /Roos next week, boys; -can you be the first to down the leaders ? -Theysay 'No'; I think 'Yes.' ? I'ir* for-get last Sunday's form.* » » * ?

Reserve Grade Lockhart 5 defeated Hentjy nil. !Ray scored the try ? and J. Vance jkicked the goal for the 'winners. ' i( .,.»»»».*c

Other Results

Albury Roos 19 defeated Helbrook6.

Culcairn 44 defeated The Rock 0.








Down by 18 points to 12 against the Albury Roos on Sun- \Lday, Lockhart failed. to gain a place in the final four in the \ 'm Southern Zone of Group 13 competition. The four consists of fjAlbury Roos, Albury Blues, Holbrook and Culcairn. m

Lockhart was by no means disgraced by its defeat and the game seen at Albury was a fine exhibition of the code. As in many other matches, Lockhart was unfortunate in not being victors as. many scoring moves ended inches from the Albury line. ???;.'?Lockhart was well^ in the running until the last fifteen minutes of play when a couple of quick tries put the decision beyond doubt.' The outstanding player of the match was Bob Wiggins. His captaincy and general play were real top class standard. His try which followed on a short punt was a gem of anticipation and determination.

It would be difficult to single out other Lockhart men' who all did their' part. Solid tackling by Dutton, Angove and Hamilton; quick passes from the 'dummy half' position by Belling; determined running by Ziebell, Schneider' and Gooden, and clever side-stepping work by Missen were all features which brought the game up to a high standard. Both teams stood for two minutesv in silence as a mark of respect to the late Bob Maslin, who was always interested in the Lockhart Club. Referee Webster blew the whistle for the start after Lockhart had wonthe toss. Albury started off with some good passing. Several penalties were awarded to either side, and from one Nagle attempted a kick of sixty yards. R. Phemister picked up a loose pas's, found an opening and was over .It was a smart piece of work. Nagle's kick from . wide out was a beauty. .It hit the cross bar- and dropped over to give Roos a lead of5 points to nil. Wiggins cut through well and passed to Dutton, who was forcedout almost on the line. Wiggins again was nearly over. Dutton landed a good penalty goal to bring the scores to 5 to 2.Angove and Wiggins made a good

move and Lockhart was pressing hard, but a free kick gave Albury a chance to clear. Half-time found the scores unaltered. . ' ,Lockhart had the best of the game early in the second half. Schneider made several good runs; Missen,..Wiggins and Gooden figured ;in agood move and Albury was in danger' again. Applause greeted a neat .bit of ?play when Angove fielded a ball, sent to Tremble, to Wiggins, who was over. The kick failed and the scores were five all. A misunderstanding between Lockhart players allowed Mullavy to run through quickly and grounded a rolling ball. Nagle made no mistake with the goal and Albury led 10 to 5.Lockhart took a turn and the ball ended inches from the line, after Wiggins had made a brilliant run. Nagle showed considerable speed Tfor a big fellow, and made about fifty yards. Albury passed from the scrum base, and with a lovely 'cut'-in' the outside centre, Purtell, went through to score a very nice try.. Nagle converted. Prest soon replied when he added a neat field goal. Albury 15, Lockhart seven. '?Albury turned on some beautiful, back movements and from one of them Mullavy raced along the wing: outstripped the opposition, and scored in the corner. Wiggins and Gooden made several good runs to gain valuable ground. From a free near Albury' s line,. Wiggins gave the; kick to Angove and the wiley skipper followed on a short kick to score the neatest of tries. The scores stood at 18 to 12'in Albui'y's favour, and the final bell' ft soon spelt 'finis' to Lockhart's chances for 1949.






    Lockhart RL 1952 Feb












(By 'Tit Bits')

In the last series of home-and-home games, the Albur y Blues proved a little too strong for Lockhart, on Sunday last ,and ran out winners by 8 points to 3.       

With neither side at full strength, players seemed to be over cautious early and very little was done by either side; play was really dull. Angove, for Lockhart, appeared to be the only one doing anything in the early stages. Perhaps it was Springtime that had our boys down. Blues, decididing to get moving, started a nice three-quarter . line movement for Kingsmill to go over in the corner for a nice try, which they failed to convert. . The locals then decided to stop the rot  and made many attempts to score from several penalties, but no score, resulted and the Blues held a handy lead at half-time. Lockhart were first to attack in the second stanza and really turned on a bit of football— Ziebell and the Smith brothers were going great guns, but the defence held. Then Angove scored a grand try by out-smarting the defenders to    score between the posts, but his attempt at conversion was a poor  effort. Mair scored for the Blues shortly after. Gathering a loose ball near half-way, he ran strong-ly, then cut in to leave the locals standing and score under the bar.      Selffe had no trouble in convert-ing. Although Lockhart main-  tained the attack right to the final bell, the Blues' defence held, the final scores being: Blues 8, Lock-hart 3.


Roy Bourke -did: a grand job for Lockhart;. 'never missed his ' man ,and he isiide serving of credit to come into the team at a minute's notice. --r.r, .? W # *'Bushy Tail' was in everything.. It was a grand try,.'Nug,'and richly deserved.# * * *'Johnnb'- seemed to be enjoying the Spring weather in the first half, but brightened the attack when .he went into the pack.# . * ?Peter and. George, the sons of Gooden, played their usual good game. Both are much improved players. ?,. .-? ; # f * ?»????Ray. and Col, of the Smith clan, were thereabouts all day,, especially. Col,- who looked like scoring several times. -* . » * *'Dooley,' as five-eightj did a worthwhile job, -but seemed a bit lost at times without the pack around him.* * * vMurray Ellis -was . battling onall day ; ''pity he doesn't - use ? his weight more.* 1 * »Fred McKinnon 'was noticed doing his bit late in the day, and Fred Dowdle was always at 'fullsteam ahead.'* * a :f. *'Ocka' Stevens- was not near his - top form. ? Some . of the hold she applied to vthe Blues would have done credit to Sharman's wrestlers? Warren Bruce tackled well all day but he -doesn't seem to be an attacking player. :- ? * ? * tf . wWell lads, It over for '51. You did not do too badly: played some really good football, and gave some poor displays, :but::;whatever. :the result/, there was never any squealling. You'll - do ' me..1' for mates., ?« * * -SOne must , give special- mention1to Wal Clarke- for his special effort during kthei season; 'in: handling ;the first-aid kit, and 'to all the; gatekeepers - - .who ? handled their job' in a most efficient manner.? * * «I hope you- can saddle up for 1952, bigger, brighter and better than ever. l 





1951 Lockhart changes Colours

Lockhart RL 1951 Mar

Lockhart before Colour change .. Before Changing Colours .. year ??


1951 Lockhart v Blues



1952 Lockhart v Rand


Lockhart RL April 27 1954 2


1952 - Joe Durrant coaching seconds.


Lockhart RL Feb 1952


Lockhart RL 1952 Feb


1952: Mr Alby Doy President; Messrs. R Patten and W Clarke, hon secretaries.


1952 Lockhart RL




Reviewing Rugby League in Lockhart


The Lockhart Rugby League Club have just completed a very successful season. After only being in the Riverina Rugby League Competition for one season, they finished up in the 'fours' — a very creditable performance.

At the annual general meeting much discussion took place as to whether .the club reform again; there were accounts to be finalised. After deciding to reform, the new committee organised a very successful wood drive. This was followed by a cabaret ball, ran very successfully by Mrs. Doy and her helpers. Gradually the club became stabilised and things placed on a sound footing. The team, led by Johnstone, was playing bright football, consequently the gates grew larger and larger, and the treasurer (Mr. L. Vake.s) was a very happy man. During the season the committee 'decided to increase the injured v players' compensation from£2 to £3 per week for a period of10 weeks. I would like to mention that all committee meetings were very:?:? , well conducted, and the players? were satisfied in all their decisions. The- club will be losing the services of Mr. Roily  Patten very soon. I would like to mention that this gentleman did a wonderful. Job this year as joint secretary. So much for this, season; now what for next year. Personally I think Lockhart will be a great team. Many players are of the opinion that the club should get a coach from Sydney. Of course coaches cost money, but no doubt the necessary funds could be raised. I understand this coach business will be on the agenda at the next committee meeting. The club played 14 competition games, one play-off and one semi-final. Result: Wins 9, losses7.The club's best performance was when they defeated Leeton at home by 28 points to 7. The display by the Lockhart team was the best seen in the district for years.



Games Tries           G'ls    Total

C. Smith ......                     15       4        30       72

G. Gooden ...                    14       13                 39

P. Gooden ...                     12       11                 33

L. Gooden ...                     13       10                 30'

J. Durant, ......         15       4        5        22

M. Hamblyn             10       6        1        20

K. Roper ? ?            12       5                   15

D. Withers               19       4                   12

N. . Stephens.         15       4                   12

A. . Angi-ove .         9        2        3        12

R. Wiggins .'            5        1        3        9

G. Gray .'. ?            10       2        1        8

a Folley ......            12       2                   6

Johnstone ...                      10       1                   3

Other players who played but didn't score- were:

F. Ziebel 7

W.Bruce 8

T. Moroney 3

D. Angroye

L.. Eurkinshaw

R. Stephens

F. Wootten 2

F. Willey

R.King and

G. Cam 1 game each

So until next season, good luck boys. Committeemen are asked to meet next Friday night at the Memorial Hall, 8  p.m. sharp.









Lockhart Forces a Draw with Wamoon

At Leeton last Sunday Lockhart played a 17-point draw with Wamoon, with this result: Lockhart now play Narrandera at Leeton in a play-off for the fourth position in the Riverina Rugby League Competition on Sunday.

Lockhart was trailing by three points when time was up, when Smith, the Lockhart winger, took possession of the ball in his own half, raced three-quarters of the length of the field and scored a magnificent try. Pratt missed the conversion by inches. The game reached great height sat times, play was fast, open, and hard, neither side letting up. Tries were scored by Gooden 3,Smith' 2, Pratt goal.

Next week Lockhart will be fielding their, strongest team in an endeavour to win this vital game. The winner of this game will meet Wagga in the first semi-final at Wagga.

Playei's and supporters please note that the bus will be leaving the P.O. at 12 noon. . ... ' u Reserve Grade: Lockhart wer& beaten by the Wamoon team. Although beaten they, weren't' %*..graced. : -? ,_.--\





Lockhart out of RL Finals

In a game devoid of any real class football Wagga outstayed Lockhart tq win the second semifinal at the Wagga Showground last Sunday. With the score at eleven all at half-time Lockhart looked real chances but running into a strong wind and winning little of the ball from set scrums, proved too much for them and Wagga managed to score two disputed tries, one being converted, and ran out winners by 19 to 11.Features of the game were the brilliant play of George Gooden for Lockhart, and J. Wright for Wagga. Gooden, when moved to fullback in the second half, gave a faultless display. Wright gave a champion display as custodian for Wagga and his brilliant backing up to make the extra man was a revelation. Congratulations to these two men on their display. The two halves, Angove and Lloyd, also played soundly. Of the rest I would say Johnson and Bateman of LockH&rt and Wagga respectively, had only a spit between them.


Mr. W. Ritchie of Leeton, with the whistle, ga/e a fair interpretation of the rules. To the Lockhart boys I gji'&T congratulations for the way you played the game throughout the1953 season. Without hesitation I would say you would be the most popular side in the competition. Win, lose or draw you could always take it and were first to congratulate your opponents. Murray Hamblyn, as coach, did a mighty good job and had the full support of players on the field, if not at training. To the ladies' committee, led by Miss Beverley Hurst and Mrs. Gale Durrant, who so ably carried out the provision of refreshments during the season, I say thanks a lot; your contribution to the club' was a mighty fine one. A committee meeting will be held next Friday night to decide on how we will end up this year's season.





1954: Mr James Johnstone Coach; Mr Jack Davies Treasurer; Mr L Tremble Secretary.


1954 Lockhart v Rand

Tumba v Lockhart


Lockhart RL 1954



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Rugby League



Magpies 25 d Yenda 5. Griffith 27 d Lockhart 14 Leeton 30 d Kangaroos 8, Wamoon 14 d Narrandera13.

GROUP 13 Holbrook 8 d Albury Roos 3 Adelong 12 d Batlow 2.Tumbarumba 46 d Albury Blues 2.


Cowra 12 d Barmedman7.West Wyalong 28 d Gundagai 12.

xemora tiurenieu z.Young 29 d Junee 7.Cootamundra bad a bye.

MAHER CUP Cootcypundra 31 d Barmedman 12.