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Last Updated: 15/12/2017

Latest Contacts: Brian Jux, Howard Leader, Paul Dennis.


Group 13 Fixture Book 1971. 2

Some of the Players and Some of the Years. 10

First Grade Coaches. 11

Presidents. 11

Most Games. 12

1970 First Grade Semi Final Teachers v Lockhart at Tarcutta. 12

1970 Group 13 Awards. 17

1971 Game Reports. 18

1971 Group 13 Team.. 36

1972. 37

1973. 43

1974. 46

1975 Season. 49

Club Song. 52

1976 Group 13 Trials. 106

Magpies Touch Team.. 108

Magpies Cricket 109

Extras. 110

Rogues Gallery. 112

Albury Magpies Stories. 118

Magpies Greatest Team.. 120



Began in 1970 as Teachers United

Played for 7 seasons

Ended at the start of 1977



This hung above the bar at Soden’s Hotel, Albury

(drawn by Bill Silvester in 1972)


Group 13 Fixture Book 1971




Teacher’s United changed its name to Albury Magpies in 1973

and became a hub of Sporting and Social activities for many young people in Albury

and became famous for its hospitality.


The club started mainly with teachers but spread to include anyone with a sporting and partying attitude.

It spawned basketball, cricket, volleyball, hockey and waterpolo teams, all loosely associated.



Doug McFarlane, President of Albury Teachers,

Terry Hodgetts, Coach, Brian Jux and Dennis Pittard,

South Sydney and Australian five-eight at Teachers Presentation night in 1971.


Neal White: Player of the Year.

Con Tsakalos and Mark Wilson: Best Reserve Grade players.

Terry Kesby: Most Improved.

Terry Hodgetts and Mike Stevens: Group Pockets.

Tony Quinn: Best First Grade Forward.


The 1971 First Grade Team


Magpies 1971 (1)


Standing (L to R): John Holmes, Brian Jux, Neil White, Graham Cole, Lyn Jones,

Terry Hodgetts, Lance Goodger, Keith Lambert, R Walker, G Edwards.

Crouching: M Stevens, Ron Hughes, Tony Quinn.


Albury Magpies 1972


Magpies 1972 (1)


Back Row (L to R): Max Apps coach, Lyn Jones, Terry Hodgetts, Graham Cole,

Col Carrington, David Polkinghorne, Roland Martin.

Middle Row: Frank Gee, Bill Silvester, Mark Wilson.

Front Row: John Sobolewski, Barry Thompson, Bruce Baily, Allan Toogood ??, Ralph Johnson.



Reserve Grade 1971 or 1972


Magpies 1972 (2)


Standing: T Kesby, R Grimmond, A Byrne, N Betts, Paul Dickinson, A Kesby, M Wilson, A Fraser.

Front: A Chick, S Coles, G Atkinson, Bruce Ball, Peter Graham


Magpies 1973 Terry Hodgetts addressing the team

Coach Terry Hodgetts addressing the team in 1973


1975 First Grade Team coached by Paul Dennis




Managers: Bob Moffitt and Keith Ball

Back (L to R): David Polkinghorne, ‘Jedda’ Halpin, Dave Lucas.

Middle: Bill Silvester, Terry Hodgetts, Paul Dennis, Mike Savage, Max Bloomfield, Ian O’Connell.

Front: Ron Carroll, Garry Huggard, ballboy ??, Wayne Grant, Billy Lotter.




1975 Reserve grade team coached by Don Farrell




L-R Top Row: Jim Purtell (Prop), Peter Shaddock (5/8), Peter Carroll (Lock), Chris (Porky) Anderson (SR), Brian Mead (W), Brian (Changa) Heyward (Prop), Steve (Moses) Hill (Fullback), Don Farrell (Coach). L-R Bottom Row: Jamie Martin (SR), Graeme Hoffman (O Centre), Graeme Cole (I Centre), Howard Leader (Hooker), George Kosciak (Winger), Dave Anderson (SR), Scott Sinclair (1/2), the Ball Bay Michael Silvester.

Absent were: Ernie Meyers (W), Peter Graham and Lindsay Augustus.

Evan Kelly (Manager)

The photo was taken 28th April 1975 at Alexandra Park. We beat Tarcutta that day 21-0.


1971 Committee

Doug McFarlane: President

Graham Black: Vice President

Brian Jux: Secretary- Treasurer

Ron Hughes: Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Terry Hodgetts: Coach

Committee: Keith Ball, Don Ross, Keith Lambert, Col McAulay

Home Ground: Alexandra Park


1970 Committee

Doug McFarlane: President

Brian Jux: Secretary- Treasurer



Group 13 Reps:

Terry Hodgetts 1971 72 73

Neil White 1971

Geoff Martin 1976

Mike Savage 1976

Ian O’Connell


Riverina Possible – Probables:

Terry Hodgetts 1973



Ian O’Connell



Group 13 Premiers and Coaches



Some of the Players and Some of the Years


A Byrne 72

A Chick 72

A Fraser 72

A Kesby 72

A Quinn 70 71 72

Allan Toogood 72

Arch Steptoe

B Follington 70

B. Hillard 70

Barry Thompson 72 73

Barry Vogel

Basil Anquetil 70 5/8

Ben Hall 73 USA

Bill Hart 71

Bill Silvester 72 - 76

Billy Lotter 74 75

Brian Heyward 74 75 76

Brian Jux 70 71

Brian Mead

Bruce Baily 72

Bruce Ball 72

C Macaulay 71

C. McCann 70 71

Chris Anderson

Chris Parkinson

Clarrie Wilson

Col Carrington 72 73

Col McAulay

Con Tsakalos  71

D McCarthy 71

D. Tiler 71

Dave Anderson

Dave Lucas 75

Dave Polkinghorne 72 - 76

Dave Saddler 74

Des O’Brien 73

Des Voss 75

Don Farrell 73 75

Ernie Meyers

Evan Connick 76

Evan Kelly

Frank Gee 72

G (Jedda) Halpin 75

G Atkinson 72

G Thompson 74 Fullback


G Turnell 71

Garry Edwards 71

Garry Huggard 74 75

Gary Broad 71

Geoff Martin 76

Geoff Ewart 73 74

Geoff Thompson 74

George Kosciak 75

Graeme Hoffman

Graham Cole 71 - 75

Graham Yensch 73

Harry Simmons 70

Howard Leader 75

I Vary 71

Ian O'Connell 75 76

J. Coleman 71

Jamie Martin 75

Jason Sinclair 75

Jim Oosterhouse 73 USA

Jim Purtell 74 75

John Holmes 70 71

John Miller

John Sobolewski 72

Keith Ball

Keith Lambert 70 71 72

Ken Muir

Lindsay Augustus 74 75

Lance Goodyer 71

Lyn Jones 71 72

M Stephens 70 71

M Stevens 71

Mark Wilson 71 72

Max Apps 72

Max Bloomfield 73 74 75

Mike Savage 74 75

Mike Stevens 71

Mike Waters

Moses 75

N Betts 72

N Stephens 71

Neil Stevens

Neil White 70 71

Owen Burke

Paul Dennis 74 75

Paul Dickinson 71 72

Paul McDougall 70

Paul Woodward

Peter Carroll 75

Peter Graham 71 - 75

Peter Hurcum

Peter Shaddock 75

R Copeland 75

R Grimmond 71 72

R Lambert

R Walker 71

R Westmacott 70 71

Ralph Johnson 71 72

Ray Gear

Rod Copeland

Roland Martin 71 72

Ron Carroll 75

Ron Hughes 70 71

Russell Ball

S Coles 72

S Hopwood 1975

S Macartney 1975

S McCann 71

Scott Sinclair 75

Steve Hill 75

T Kesley 74

Terry Hodgetts 71 - 75

Terry Kesby 71 72 73

Tony Quinn  71 73

Tony Stevens

W Hart 71

Warwick Phegan

Wayne Grant 75

Wayne Huxley 75

?? Adams 71

?? Hilliard 70 Fullback

?? Kelsey 71

?? Martin 73

?? Mercer 73

?? Turnbull 71

?? Voss 75

?? Walker 71

?? Wilson 73


First Grade Coaches


1970   John Holmes on $10/week

1971   Terry Hodgetts

1972   Max Apps

1973   Terry Hodgetts

1974   Paul Dennis

1975   Paul Dennis

1976   Geoff Martin


Reserve Grade Coaches


Clarrie Wilson

Don Farrell 1975

Ian O’Connell 1976



Doug McFarlane

Keith Ball




Ian OConnell

Terry Hodgetts

Ian O’Connell

Terry Hodgetts

Neil White


Paul McDougall


Mike Savage


Paul McDougall

Mike Savage



Most Games


Possibly …

Dave Polkinghorne – 5 seasons - 1972 – 76

Terry Hodgetts – 5 seasons - 1971 - 75

Graham Cole – ?? 73 74 75 ??

Peter Graham  ?? 71 72 73 74 75

Bill Silvester – 5 seasons 1972 – 76


1970 First Grade Semi Final Teachers v Lockhart at Tarcutta


Gr13 1st Semi 1970 2


Teachers: P. McDougall Fullback, K. Lambert and B. Hillard Wingers, N. White and C.. McCann Centres, B. Anquetil Five Eight, M. Stevens Half Back, A. Hughes Lock, H. Simmons and A. Quinn Second Row, P. Dickinson and J Holmes Front Row, B. Jux Hooker.


NB: Bill Silvester Halfback for Lockhart




Scorers: Teachers: Hughes, Lambert, White tries; McDougall goal. Henty: Breed try, Peet goal.

Best: Hughes, White, McDougall, Lambert.


Clayton Cup – Group 13

1969 Tarcutta
1975 Albury Blues
1985 Tumbarumba
1986 Tumbarumba



Group 13 Teams








































































1970 Group 13 Awards


111    112

Paul McDougall 2nd in the Wayling Gold Medal, winner of the Tom Summerfield Pocket.

4th in the Tom Chubb Highest Point Scorers.

R Hughes 7th in Wayling Medal and 12th in Summerfield Pocket

Neil White 4th in Try Scoring list.

112 (2)

1971 Game Reports



New Coach Terry Hodgetts and Preseason






R1 Teachers V Henty


 1971 01 Teachers v Henty 


Group 13 v Group 17


R2 Teachers V Tarcutta

1971 10 Teachers v Tarcutta 2 

R3 Teachers V Batlow



1971 11 Teachers v Batlow 2 


R4 Teachers V Roos

 1971 04 Teachers v Roos 


R5 Teachers v Holbrook



R6 Teachers v Holbrook


1971 05 Teachers v Holbrook


R7 Teachers V Lockhart

1971 06 Teachers v Lockhart


R8 Teachers V Tumbarumba

A Game to Remember


1971 Tumbarumba and Batlow came back to Group 13 and were expected to dominate the comp.

 Lockhart were the only team to beat both during the season.

BUT it was Teachers who were the first to beat Tumba. 12 – 10 in Round 8 with Neil White scoring 4 unconverted tries.

John Whitson and Warren Crotty scored for Tumba with B Burgun kicking 2 goals.



1971 07 Teachers v Tumbarumba 



R9 Teachers V Blues




R11 Teachers V Tarcutta


1971 02 Teachers v Tarcutta


R12 Teachers V Batlow


1971 03 Teachers v Batlow

R13 Teachers V Roos

1971 12 Teachers v Roos 2

R14 Teachers beat Holbrook


1971 13 Teachers v Holbrook 2

R15 Teachers V Lockhart

1971 14 Teachers v Lockhart 2

R17 Teachers V Tumbarumba


1971 15 Teachers v Tumbarumba 2


Teachers beat Blues R18


1971 16 Teachers v Blues 2

1971 Group 13 Team


Group 13 Team 1971 1

Group 13 Team 1971

Group 13 team 1971: Neil White, Terry Hodgetts, Tony Stephens.

Brian Purtell, Bill Plum, Roos or Blues coach, Terry Hodgetts, Neil White, Eccles McPherson, Bob Hagan (Batlow coach).

??, Ian Taskis, Des Plum, Norm Geaghan.

Cudmore ?? – Batlow half, Norm Hadson, Henty??, John Whitson, Tony Stephens.









Terry Hodgetts figures in both Best Player Awards



John Holmes in Reserve Grade point Scorers.

Article mentions that he was also 13th top scorer in 1971 season.




G13 1973 (4)






Magpies lost to Roos 31 – 15

Best: G Thompson, T Hodgetts, M Savage, D Polkinghorne.

Scorers: Thompson, Polkinghorne, Savage Tries, Thompson 3 goals.


1975 Season



Group 13 1975 Results



First Grade

Reserve Grade

R1 Magpies v Adelong

R2 Magpies v Tarcutta

R3 Magpies v Batlow

R4 Magpies v Roos

R5 Magpies v Wodonga

R6 Magpies v Holbrook

R7 Magpies v Lockhart

R8 Magpies v Tumbarumba

R9 Magpies v Blues

R10 Magpies v Adelong    

R11 Magpies v Tarcutta

R12 Magpies v Batlow

R13 Magpies v Roos

R14 Magpies v Wodonga

R15 Magpies v Holbrook

R16 Magpies v Lockhart

R17 Magpies v Tumbarumba

R18 Magpies v Blues

Won 23 -18

Won 40 – 3

Lost 8 – 16

Won 26 – 21

Won 63 – 5

Won 29 -20  

Won 59 – 7

Won 36 – 13

Lost 10 – 27

Won 20 – 10

Won 18 – 10

Lost 5 – 11   

Lost 8 – 21

Won 25 – 7

Lost 24 – 30

Won 12 – 3

Won 33 – 16

Lost 9 – 21

Won 29 – 0

Won 21 – 0

Lost 33 – 13

Draw 10 – 10

Won 55 – 0

Won 39 – 9


Draw 18 – 18

Won 13 -10

Won 21 – 0

Lost 18 – 23


Lost 8 – 17


Won 23 – 8

Won 11 – 8

Lost 10 -22

Won 17 - 14



Games Played



Tries 1st

Tries 2nd




Barry Vogel


Bill Lotter



Bill Silvester




Brian Heyward




Brian Mead




Bruce Ball



Chris Parkinson


Dave Anderson




Dave Lucas





Dave Polkinghorne





Des Voss





Don Farrell




Ernie Meyers


Evan Kelly



Gary Huggard





George Kosciak




Graeme Hoffman





Graham Cole



Howard Leader





Ian O’Connell




Jamie Martin


Jed Halpin





Jim Purtell





Ken Muir


Lindsay Augustus



Max Bloomfield



Mike Savage





Owen Burke


Paul Dennis





Paul Dickinson


Paul Woodward


Peter Carroll




Peter Graham


Peter Shaddock





Ray Gear


Rod Copeland



Ron Carroll



Scott Sinclair





Steve Hill





Terry Hodgetts



Wayne Grant



Wayne Huxley





FINAL LADDER – First Grade


1975 Final Ladder 2


FINAL LADDER – Reserve Grade

Tumbarumba            29

Batlow                     28

Magpies                  26

Albury Roos            25

Albury Blues            24

Holbrook                 13

Lockhart                  12

Tarcutta                  11

Adelong                   8

Wodonga                4


Magpie Awards 1975


Least number of points scored: Evan Kelly 3, Wayne Grant 3, Brian Heyward 3, Dave A 3, Don Farrell 4.

Most Field Goals: Scott Sinclair 3, Paul Dennis 2.

Most Replacements: Don Farrell 9, Jamie Martin 5.

Club’s Longest Playing Player: Peter Graham 6 seasons. Graham Cole 6 seasons ?? Terry Hodgetts, Dave Polkinghorne and Bill Silvester 5 each.

Best Trainers: Brian Mead and Chris Parkinson.

Longest Continuous Playing Record: Dave Polkinghorne – about 33

Briefest Appearance with club: Paul Dickinson 1, Barry Vogel 1.

Briefest Appearance in First Grade: Peter Shaddock – half a game at end of season; Scott Sinclair – last 10 minutes of semi)

Most Games in Reserves: Peter Shaddock 18.

Most Games in Firsts: Ron, Bill, Wayne, Dave – 18 each.

Most games for the club in 1975: Dave, Steve and Howard – 20 each.

Best Actor: Jamie Martin

Most tries in one game: Mike Savage – 5

Most Rub Downs: Moses

Most excuses for missing training: Wayne Grant

Most Injured: Ray Gear and Rod Copeland

Most spectacular game: Hoffman 4 tries to defeat Blues and win a place in the finals!

2nd: First defeat of Tumba at Tumba.

First grade scored 100 tries for the season.

Only players sent off during the season: Max Bloomfield and Paul Dennis.

Best Supporter: Joy Ball

Player with the nicest girlfriend: Bill Lotter

Player who falls in love the most: Paul Dennis and Bill Lotter

Most injured Player of the year: Hodgie on trip away.


Club Song

We win, we win again

We thank our striving team

Albury Magpies

Our love for you

No one can near approach, can near approach

No one can near approach



 (To the tune of Marseilles)

Another anthem (tune Goodnight Irene)


Saturday night I stayed sober

Sunday went down to the ground

Went to see the Albury Magpies play

The Opposition didn’t make a sound

Albury Magpies

Albury Magpies

Magpies to Win, Magpies to Win

Albury Magpies to win


(Words concocted by Paul Dennis and Billy Lotter)

(Thanks to Howard Leader for sending the words in)

Group 13 Scorers 1975 season (unofficial)

Ray Lynch               195

Gary Hiscock           156

Neil Bulger              144

Bill Butz                   140

Bill Silvester            125

Peter Purtell            124

Steve Cotton           112

Rick Hamilton          99

Peter Richards        99

Ian O’Connell          91

Mike Savage           90


Group 13 Tries 1975 (unofficial)

Peter Richards        33       (Group record)

Rick Hamilton          33       (Group record)

Mike Savage           30      

(Mike broke group record earlier in the season with 29 tries from the first 14 games according to Gerry Ryan Daily Advertiser Wagga, and was then injured)

Ian O’Connell          27


Ron Carroll and Billy Lotter were selected n the Group team (bottom right)


R1 Magpies v Adelong               Won 23 -18                       Won 29 - 0


1975 R1 1sts v Adelong

1975 R1 2nds v Adelong


R2 Magpies v Tarcutta               Won 40 – 3                       Won 21 - 0


1975 R2 1sts v Tarcutta

1975 R2 2nds v Tarcutta

1975 R2 Magpies v Tarcutta 2

1975 R2 Magpies v Tarcutta

R3 Magpies v Batlow                           Lost 8 – 16                       Lost 33 - 13


1975 R3 1sts

1975 R3 2nds

1975 R3 Magpies v Batlow

R4 Magpies v Roos                              Won 26 – 21                     Draw 10 - 10


1975 R4 1sts

1975 R4 2nds

R5 Magpies v Wodonga             Won 63 – 5                       Won 55 – 0


1975 R5 1sts

1975 R5 2nds

1975 R5 Magpies v Wodonga

R6 Magpies v Holbrook             Won 29 -20                       Won 39 - 9


1975 R6 1sts

1975 R6 2nds

1975 R6 Magpies v Holbrook

R7 Magpies v Lockhart              Won 59 – 7                       Won


1975 R7 1sts

1975 R7 2nds

1975 R7 Magpies v Lockhart

1975 R7 Terry Hodgetts

R8 Magpies v Tumbarumba                 Won 36 – 13                     Draw 18 - 18


1975 R8 1sts

1975 R8 2nds

R9 Magpies v Blues                             Lost 10 - 27                      Won 13 -10


1975 R9 1sts

1975 R9 2nds

1975 R9 Magpies v Blues

R10 Magpies v Adelong             Won 20 – 10                     Won 21 – 0


1975 R10 1sts

1975 R10 2nds

1975 R10 Magpies v Adelong

R11 Magpies v Tarcutta             Won 18 – 10                     Lost 18 - 23

1975 R11 1sts

1975 R11 2nds

1975 R11 Magpies v Tarcutta

R12 Magpies v Batlow               Lost 5 – 11                       Won


1975 R12 1sts

1975 R12 2nds

R13 Magpies v Roos                            Lost 8 – 21                       Lost 8 - 17

1975 R13 1sts

1975 R13 2nds

1975 R13 Magpies v Roos

R14 Magpies v Wodonga           Won 25 – 7                       Won


1975 R14 1sts

1975 R14 2nds

1975 R14 Magpies v Wodonga

R15 Magpies v Holbrook           Lost 24 – 30                      Won 23 – 8


1975 R15 1sts

1975 R15 2nds

1975 R15 Action from Magpies Holbrook game

Dave Lucas far left.

1975 R15 Group Scores

Billy Silvester Converts a Try 30

1975 R15 Magpies v Holbrook 3

1975 R15 Magpies v Holbrook 3

R16 Magpies v Lockhart            Won 12 – 3                       Won 11 - 8


1975 R16 1sts

1975 R16 2nds

1975 R16 Magpies v Lockhart 1

1975 R16 Magpies v Lockhart 2

R17 Magpies v Tumbarumba               Won 33 – 16                     Lost 10 -22


1975 R17 1sts

1975 R17 2nds

1975 R17 Magpies v Tumba 1

1975 R17 Magpies v Tumba 2

1975 R17 Magpies v Tumba 3

1975 R17 Scores

R18 Magpies v Blues                            Lost 9 – 21                       Won 17 - 14


1975 R18 1sts

1975 R18 2nds  Magpies v Blues

1975 R18 Blues v Magpies scrum

1975 R18 Magpies v Blues 4

1975 R18 Magpies v Blues

1975 R18 Scores

1975 R18 Magpies v Blues 2

1975 R18 Magpies v Blues 3

1975 First Semi Finals

1975 Semi 1sts v Batlow

1975 Semi 2nds v Roos


1976 Group 13 Trials


Group 13 North v South trials 1976 Magpies


Magpies Players:

Southern Firsts: Mike Savage Wing, Ian O’Connell Lock.

Southern Seconds: Geoff Martin Fullback, R. Carroll Wing, John Miller Five-Eighth, Jamie Martin Front Row.


Group 13 Rep team 1976

Group 13 Rep Team 1976

Back Row (L to R): Graham Doherty, Dave Mulrooney, Gary Purtell, Ray Lynch, Brian McPherson, Dick (Richard) Hamilton, ??.

Middle Row: Garry McKenzie (sling), Geoff Martin, Nifty Stevens, ??, Mike Savage, Ian Taskis, Aidan Beath??

Front Row: Bob Thompson, Steve Cotton, John Keeley, Allan Plum ?


Magpies Touch Team




Our First comp Touch team, playing in Manly colours bought by Ian O’Connell.

Back: Dave Polkinghorne, Ian O’Connell, Evan Connick, Mick Scott, Mick Trewin.

Crouched: Mike Waters

Front: Wayne Reid Col Selsby (ballboy from above phots??), Peter Westland, Bill Silvester, Peter Mentis.



Magpies Cricket




An offshoot that was the equally successful socially, and won 4 premierships.


Peter Graham, Graeme Gifford, Garry Huggard, Leyland Sawyer, Evan Kelly, Graeme (Red) Hore, Don Farrell (Captain), Phil Berick, Jamie Martin, Richard Rule, Bill Silvester, ??, Bobby Stepto.




Evan Kelly, Brian Heyward, Richard Rule, Jamie Martin, Graeme Gifford, Graeme (Red) Hore, Terry Hodgetts, Don Farrell.

Charlie Hayes, Bob Napier, Peter Graham.

Mike Savage, Paul Dennis, Bill Silvester, Garry Huggard, Billy Lotter, Peter Graham.

Their first Hume Cricket Premiership.


Bob Napier had played first grade in Sydney, and Don Farrell opened Manly 2nd grade team with a former Australian opener.


Up ya bum, pull ya pud

Are we any bloody good?

We are the Magpies cricket team.

We won the Premiership

We think we’re just IT

What did Ben’s get?

A barrel full of s…!

Up ya bum, pull ya pud

Are we any bloody good?

We are the Magpies cricket team.





Willow Longbottom boxing


Willow Longbottom took a few of us home for a shower after the game. The game had been called off early because the conditions were toooo bad! And there was no hot, warm or even cool water left. So many went to the pub with their civies over the mud!

Another story has come to light recently … Wal Harvey took Mike Waters and Ian O’Connell home. His wife was taking toddies to them while they were in the bath and shower defrosting, then they sat down to a family Sunday night dinner, before returning quietly to the pub, saying nothing!!!


Newmarket Hotel Albury


The Newmarket Hotel in Albury. One night a few players were locked in with the bar running, and lights out, after trading hours while the cops tried to get in!!! They even tried phoning the bar to get someone silly enough to answer.



Rogues Gallery


Geoff Martin

David Polkinghorne

Geoff Martin

Bill Lotter

Bill Lotter

Ron Carroll

Ian OConnell

Mike Waters

Paul Dennis

Dave Lucas

Ian O’ Connell

Ian O’ Connell

Bill Silvester

Mike Savage

Mike Savage

Jamie Martin

Max Bloomfield

Keith Ball

Bob Moffatt

Evan Connick

Gary Huggard

Wayne Grant

Jim Purtell

Peter Shaddock

Peter Carroll

Chris Anderson

Brian Mead

Brian Heyward

Steve (Moses) Hill

Jason Sinclair

George Kossick

Dave Anderson


Don Farrell

Howard Leader

Michael Silvester


Graham Cole

Graeme Hoffman

Paul McDougall

Neil White 2

Terry Hodgetts

Peter Graham

Paul McDougall

Neil White

Terry Hodgetts

Geoff Ewart

Magpies 1971 Terry Hodgetts

Magpies 1971 Doug McFarlane

Magpies 1971 Ron Hughes

Magpies 1971 Brian Jux

Jamie Martin

Terry Hodgetts

Doug McFarlane

Ron Hughes

Brian Jux

Magpies 1975 Paul Dennis




Paul Dennis

Jim Osterhaus





Ian OConnell with Paul Seaton 1983

Ian O’ Connell playing with Roos

Ian OConnell kicking for goal for Roos

Ian OConnell receives a pass


Ian’s Group 13 Wayling Gold Medal

Bill Lotter playing FootballBilly Lotter (dropped the ball??)

Bill Waratahs vs TC 65Coolangatta Touch 68 (2)     Touch Footy Early 2014 age 68

Bill Silvester

Wollongong 1965     Coolangatta 1968    Wollongong Age 69


Tigers RU BWorth 1986 (2)

Age 39 RAAF Tigers v Army - Malaysia 1986

Geoff Ewart Port Kembla 1 28

Geoff Ewart 1966 scoring 4 tries!

Geoff Ewart West Wyalong 2

Geoff Ewart (far left) with West Wyalong


Albury Magpies Stories


1970 Albury Roos def Tarcutta in Grand Final

Albury Teachers United (Albury Magpies) lost to Lockhart in the First Semi Final


1977 - Our last season was with Geoff Martin as coach in 1976 and we lost heaps on failed 300 club.

The rest is an untold story of how we paid back debts!!!!


Jamie Martin – Life Member of Albury Rugby League



About 1973 Albury Magpies played the last game of the season against Tumbarumba at Tumba. Thirty minutes into the first half a squall of ice and rain swept across the ground. Spontaneously the referee, linesman and players raced off the field for shelter.

Neither side was going to make the finals, and talking together under shelter someone suggested that we call this halftime and play the same time for the second half.

Upon hearing the ref said we couldn’t do it as it was an official CRL game. He was ignored and someone said as the scores were close that we only play till, someone scores. This was agreed on by the players. After about 20 minutes with no further scores we all left the field and headed for the showers.

Unfortunately the reserves had used all the hot water and you can imagine the temperature of the cold water. A couple of players splashed water on themselves to remove most of the mud, but most just put their civies on over the mud and went to the pub.

Then 40 years later we hear a couple of the privileged players were taken home by Tumba players like Willo Longbottom and Wal Harvey for showers. They must have those who were friendliest on the field! … Bill Silvester

That cold wet day at Tumba, Howard leader and I were taken home by Hooker Parker. I was in the shower and Howard was in the bath. Hooker was supplying us with scotch to warm us up. We finished and ate a roast dinner his wife had been cooking and then hooker took us to the pub. I think I slept all the way back to Albury.  … Ian O’Connell

Magpies led at the break .. captains agreed that if one side got a converted try in front … we’d stop .. Magpies did .. ref wanted to declare it a no result and was told to ‘piss off’. .. Dave Polk



More Stories


Stuck in Batlow -  no petrol – rang wives – Willow Longbottom had a key to garage – we got home so went to Lav Sports Club – sprung by Pres wife


A Storm struck at Tumba 25 mins into the first half – we all ran for sheds – someone suggested calling that half time and playing the same for the second half .. the ref said you can’t, it’s an official CRL game .. we struck a deal with Tumba that if either side got more than a converted  try in front we’d call it quits. We did about 20mins or so into second half and all walked off.

The seconds had used all the hot water and the showers were too cold for anyone to get under so most put their civvies on went to the pub. A couple splashed themselves to get most of the mud off.

But for 50 years there has been a story withheld! Ian O’Connell and Howard Leader (??) were taken home by Hooker Parker. While Ian was in the shower and Howard in the bath, Wal’s wife took them brandies to drink. Then they sat down to a roast dinner with Hooker’s family before joining the rest at the pub.


I’ll F’n give you Christmas Tree to Jamie Martin at Tumba. – Wal Harvey


Don Farrell taking on Blues taking it up to their forwards after they had started bashing captain Terry Hodgetts.


Geoff Martin left jabbing Wal Harvey repeatedly… from Batlow as he kept swing at him .. having a together beer after .. you kept hitting me said Wal .. yeah but you wouldn’t stop coming at me answered Marto ..


Magpies after parties .. beers and drinks .. barbie .. music .. no one would go home.


Peter Graham – scoring an easy try at Lockhart after Bill Silvester warned Lockhart to watch out for Neil White…Pete dummied to Neil and went through untouched from 20m out. (Bill, Peter and Neil were at Wollongong Teachers College together – Neil had played for Illawarra Union, and had scored 4 tries against Tumba for Teachers to win 12-10 – the first loss for Tumba since re-joining Group13)


Peter Graham pulling hamstring at Blues ground in 2nd grade, 20 metres clear of the defense and throwing the ball 10m into the air and limping off.


Max Bloomfield stitching Bill S’s head with needle and thread at Tarcutta after the game when it wouldn’t stop bleeding down his face in the pub.


Getting thumped by Tarcutta player each time I (Bill S) kicked .. calling to Max for some protection .. finally jumping back up and thumping the player .. whistle blew .. and I thought I was gone .. but ref Barry Goldspink  penalised the opposition player .. and said to me Ï was waiting for you do something about it!!”


Wetting Polk’s babies head at LSC… playing some coin game for shouts.


Kicking a goal just before full time to avoid not scoring and costing my father the double at Tumba ground where he had lost his front teeth.. BS.


Benalla trip… left one fella behind … wrestling Max in dark dining room behind swinging wild west doors .. Police escorting our bus out of town .. Bus trip to Melbourne .. kicked out of Benalla .. Red lip stick on barmaid in Lygon Street


Flight to Sydney .. Max Bloomfield on plane telling everyone to sit down and go to the toilet one at a time .. All staying together … then Ian going off to see some blonde!!.. $200 bucks to drink with at each stop to keep all together.


Dave and Coley getting a lift back into town in footy training gear and only socks by a Police Patrol car. Coley realising who the driver was used a stage whisper to Dave to inform him “Dave they’re f’ing COPS!’.


Putting pool up inside out at Don Farrell’s – started again the next weekend with no drinking….


Geoff Ewart taken to hospital at half time with hypothermia during a game at Batlow.



Magpies Greatest Team




Front Row:

Second Row:



Five Eight:




Paul Dennis.

Lyn Jones, Don Farrell.

Terry Hodgetts, Ian O’Connell.

Ron Hughes.

Bill Silvester.

Paul McDougall.

Geoff Ewart, Mike Savage.

Allan Toogood, Neil White.

Geoff Martin.





Ron Carroll, Wayne Grant,

Brian Jux, Ralph Johnson,

Gedda Halpin, Harry Simmons,

Gary Broad, Dave Polkinghorne, Billy Lotter.




Sole Selector:

Bill Silvester (self appointed till there has been enough fuss and protest).